Fourth of July Freecell Solitaire

America was founded on notions of independence and freedom. What better way to celebrate free than by playing Fourth of July Freecell Solitaire? It is possible to beat almost every one of these games, which makes it fun for those of you who hate to lose. Win by placing all 52 cards in the four foundations. Remember, the cards in the foundation slots must be in order.

The free cells are meant to be used to hold cards for maneuvering. Transfer all cards from the tableau to the foundation slots. Play Fourth of July Free Cell Solitaire to proudly hurrah freedom!

Freecell 4th of July Solitaire Strategy

  • Place cards in descending order on the tableau.
  • Free cells will hold cards.
  • Move cards from the tableau to the foundation slots.
  • When stacked in the tableau, the cards should be in descending order.


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