July Fourth Spider Solitaire

The flag is flying high for Fourth of July Spider Solitaire! Parades and outdoor games are often part of the Fourth of July festivities, so why not add just one more fun game like Fourth of July Spider Solitaire into the mix. The beauty of this game is that you can play alone or with friends at any backyard picnic. See who wins first among friends, or try to beat your own best time.

Spider Solitaire uses two decks of cards. This game is different from other solitaire card games because you only stack the cards in the tableau in descending order. Sorting by suit is unnecessary. Add another row of cards if you run out of moves. The stock button will provide this function for you. Remove all cards to beat this strategy game. Make it a solitaire marathon day this Fourth of July by playing Fourth of July Spider Solitaire all day long!

Spider Solitaire 4th of July Strategy

  • Get rid of all stacks of cards to win.
  • The tableau cards must be stacked in descending order.
  • Press the stock button for more cards if you need them.


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